Sustainability is the strategy that combines economic progress with environmental protection. At Novita, we take a number of steps to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. We handle waste and natural resources responsibly and in accordance with current national and European legislation.

All waste and packaging is selectively collected and processed. Waste is used to produce materials for other industries and packaging is recycled into new products. We also ensure that our employees are educated by promoting the principles of recycling throughout our facility.

Water savings have been achieved through innovative solutions. We use closed-loop water systems in our production processes, covering 90% of our production needs. We use wood products in our operations and maintain FSC® and PEFC certification to support sustainable forest management.
Through SOOT, we are also increasing the efficiency of our supply chain while reducing our carbon footprint. For us, sustainability is not just a commitment, it is a value that we live every day.



Finding a balance between economic development and environmental protection is a priority for us. In this context, we are pleased to announce that this year, for the first time, Novita has decided to be assessed in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by the international platform EcoVadis. We were delighted to learn that we achieved the bronze medal with a score of 57/100.

Confirmed by certificates


We use wood products in our manufacturing processes. An important environmental consideration is to promote sustainable forest management. We do this by maintaining Chain of Custody certification for wood products, which certifies compliance with the FSC® and PEFC standards.

Working together for the environment

Like any large factory, we produce waste, consume energy, and use natural resources. We are aware of our impact on the environment and extremely important for us is minimalizing the negative effects of our operations. So, what do we do to reduce the impact of our operations on the natural environment? What innovations and strategies do we invest in to become a more sustainable company? Find out.