Spunlace Crosslap

The spunlace crosslap technology is characterized by cross-fiber arrangement, which allows to obtain a uniform structure of the product. These nonwovens are available in a broad range of colors and designs.


Spunlace Crosslap:

  • weight: 30-120 g/m²;

  • slitting width: 10-240 cm;

  • available in 11 designs and 8 standard colors;

  • raw material: viscose, lyocell, polyester, microfibers, bicomponent fibers, polylactide;

  • FSC® or PEFC certificate;

  • PZH and ISEGA (food contact) certificate;

  • compliance with AAN and Nordic Swan.


Main applications of the nonwovens include: industrial and household wipes, hairdressing towels, cosmetic wipes, dust rags, lacquer and printing cleaning cloths, medical and sanitary applications as disposable bedding, medical pads and wipes, protective apparel as well as technical applications substrates.