Ohad Tzkhori

Member of the Supervisory Board

Education: Higher in the field of law and business administration, specialization in financing

Professional experience:

2006 – 2008      Israel tax authorities, legal department, Tel-Aviv – VAT & Customs division
2008 – 2010      Nissenkorn and co. Law firm – Long-term savings division
2010 – 2012      Excellence Nessua Investment House Ltd – Internal Auditor & Legal Advisor,
Internal Auditing Department
2012 – 2017      BDB Group (Israel/Cyprus) – Chief Legal Officer / Executive Director – 
member of the Board of Directors
2017 – present Partner at “Porat & Co. Law firm”

Other activities and participation in companies:

Partner at “Porat & Co. Law firm”.

Does not participate in a competitive company as a partner in a civil partnership, partnership or as a member of a capital company or in another competitive legal entity as a member of its body.

Is not listed in the register of insolvent debtors, maintained pursuant to the Act on the national register of court.

Does not perform activities outside the issuer which is relevant for the issuer.

In addition to the mentioned above, for the past three years was not a member of the management or supervisory authorities or a partner in companies constituted under civil or commercial law.

During the last five years has not been convicted for crimes of fraud and has not received a judicial prohibition for acting as a member of management or supervisory bodies in commercial companies.

Over the last five years, with respect to the entities in which he served as a member of a management or supervisory body, bankruptcy, a receivership or liquidation has not been announced.