The needlepunch technology consists of mechanical joining of fibers with the use of needles. This allows to obtain high strength, homogeneity and exceptional technical parameters of the product. Moreover, the nonwovens are characterized by multiple finishing options, e.g. thermostabilization, calendering, impregnation, etc.



  • weight: 90-800 g/m²;

  • slitting width: 30-600 cm;

  • full range of colors;

  • raw material: viscose, polyester (virgin and regenerated), polypropylene, bicomponent.


Main applications of the clothing nonwovens include production of shoulder pads and as collar felt.

The footwear nonwovens are used as replaceable shoe insoles, linings, liners, undersoles, heel counters, uppers, EVA shoe inserts.

Moreover needlepunch nonwovens can be used as underlay nonwovens, elements of soundproofing panels, as well as elements of upholstered furniture and as felt bags, cases, covers, felt decorations, as well as for filling and wrapping of loudspeakers.