EU Project

“Development of a demonstration technology line for high-performance production of Spun-lace nonwovens equipped with a central control system”

The subject of the project is the implementation of development works on the proprietary technology for the production of spunlace nonwovens in order to develop a demonstration technological line for high-performance production of these products. The project is a response to the demand from the market of personal hygiene manufacturers in Poland, the EU and overseas in terms of increasing production and ensuring better quality of products. Due to limited (fully utilized) production capacity and known technical problems, the Applicant began to search for new production technologies.

Before submitting the application for co-financing, the Applicant independently conducted industrial research consisting in developing ways to increase the intensity of nonwovens production, determining the ceiling for robotization of production while maintaining quality parameters. As a result of completed research, the technical and economic validity of building a technology demonstrator was critically confirmed, and the developed production method was submitted for patent protection.

The development works planned in the project will allow to verify the assumptions adopted in operational conditions and to implement the results achieved in own business operations. As a result of the project, a new method of producing nonwovens will be implemented, compared to currently implemented processes, characterized by significantly increased efficiency and quality characteristics of finished products. The project will also develop a proprietary control system using a database that will correct the machine settings on an ongoing basis depending on the set values.

Total value of the project: PLN 59,383,723.03
Co-financing from European Funds: PLN 23,753,489.21